Colas CZ, a.s. has built upon the long tradition and experience of Silnice Jihlava, Silnice Znojmo and Silniční stavitelství Praha companies in the field of road engineering, which dates back to the pre-war state road workplaces.

31. 5. 2022

Silnice Žáček, s.r.o.
under our wings

Merger of Silnice Žáček, s.r.o. into COLAS CZ, a.s.

29. 4. 2020

Strong player in our team

COLAS CZ, a.s acquired Silnice Žáček, s.r.o.

Thanks to the acquisition, we not only welcomed eighty new employees among us, but also acquired a production facility in Provodín, which houses a concreting plant and one of the most modern asphalt mixing plants in the Czech Republic. Together with the well-maintained machinery of Silnice Žáček, s.r.o., this will especially enable us to develop our activities in the Ústí and Liberec regions.

1. 1. 2020

Yellow-black logo even
in the West Bohemia

Merger of Silnice Horšovský Týn, a.s. into COLAS CZ, a.s.

1. 1. 2018

Another merger

Merger of SOMARO, s.r.o. into COLAS CZ, a.s.

1. 1. 2017

Sale of two companies

COLAS SA sells shares corresponding to 100% of the business share in Čermák a Hrachovec, a.s. and Prakan, a.s.

1. 1. 2017

SANGREEN, s.r.o. under our wings

Merger of SANGREEN, s.r.o. into COLAS CZ, a.s.

1. 1. 2014

Strengthening in the West Bohemia

COLAS SA acquires a majority stake in Silnice Horšovský Týn a.s., whose subject of business includes transport engineering

1. 1. 2013

Waterworks experts incoming

Acquisition of Prakan, a.s. expands the COLAS Group’s portfolio in the water constructions field

1. 1. 2012

Acquisition of another quarry

Merger of Kamenolom Císařský into COLAS CZ, a.s. 

1. 10. 2008


Merger of ASTECH, s.r.o. into COLAS CZ, a.s. ASTECH plant continues to focus on the latest technologies, production and use of hot asphalt mixtures and modified asphalt bitumen materials for road engineering

1. 1. 2006

New acquisition 

Čermák a Hrachovec, a.s. is a company engaged in repairs and reconstruction as well as building new constructions of the waterworks and waterwaste systems segments, mainly in Prague and in the Central Bohemia region.

1. 1. 2006

Completely under the french owners

The french mother company, COLAS SA, becomes the sole shareholder of COLAS CZ, a.s. after the purchase of the
remaining shares from the minor shareholders.

1. 1. 2005

Acquisition in the North Bohemia

Acquisition of Kamenolom Císařský, a.s. (founded in 1994) by COLAS SA and its integration into the COLAS Group as a sister company

1. 1. 2002

New organisational chart 

  • Merger of the construction plants in Jihlava and Znojmo creates the area South
  • The area North consists of construction plants in Prague and Hradec Králové
  • Production of crushed aggregates is concentrated in the area Quarries
31. 12. 2001

Other companies under our wings

Completion of the merger of Silnice Jihlava, Silnice Znojmo and Silniční stavitelství Praha with COLAS CZ, a.s.

1. 1. 2001

Masters of the bridges & constructions

During the year, COLAS CZ, a.s. acquires 100% business share in SANGREEN, spol. s r.o. (founded in 1990), which is one of the leading companies in the field of bridge and other concrete and steel structure and object rehabilitation. COLAS CZ, a.s. owns a ⅓ share in Obalovna Bradlec, s.r.o. (founded in 1998), based in Mladá Boleslav

1. 1. 1997

Asphalt mixes specialist

Establishment of a company that deals with the sale and application of modified asphalts and other special asphalt products for use in road engineering using the latest technologies

1. 1. 1994

The French enter the market

A French company COLAS SA becomes majority owner of Silnice Jihlava, Silnice Znojmo and Silniční stavitelství Praha companies

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