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Our company operates in numerous fields of the transport sector of the construction industry. COLAS CZ, a.s. is interested not only in the realisation of the constructions, itself, or the supplies of products, but in the innovation in the field as well.

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One of the major fields in which Colas CZ, a.s. is focused on are all the activites connected with road constructions – realisation, reconstruction and repairs of roads and motorways – and many more, including local roads, monolithic constructions and bridges. We are also building and reconstructing infrastructure systems (i.e. waterworks) and railways.

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Road constructions

Particularly, we construct motorways, highways, local roads and utilitarian roads, including its necessary reconstructions or repairs.

Our other road constructions include (but are not limited to) cycle paths, footpaths, car parks, sports venues, etc.

Railway & Tramway constructions

In co-operation with COLAS RAIL, we realise railway and tramway constructions. This teamwork leads to a beautiful synergy which leads to both on-surface and underground constructions of railways. During the process, we are able to build artificial constructions, bridges, culverts or platforms. Together with our partners, we can cover realisation of overhead lines or railway signalling and traffic control intended for railway, as well as road transportation.

Bridges & Concrete Structures

We are building, reconstructing and repairing monolithic constructions and bridges intended both for road and railway transport. In addition, we are constructing wooden or metal footbridges and bridges, retaining walls, noise barriers, collectors and constructions made from water-resistant concrete.

The main focus is upon bridges with the span up to 100 m, namely monolithic, reinforced-concrete, prestressed, pre-fabricated, composite-steel, steel or wooden.



Our company owns several hot asphalt mixing plants and quarries thanks to which we are able to provide material for constructing all over the Czech Republic. Our list of materials we are offerring is quite broad – from various kinds of stone, hot asphalt mixes to our specialty, a product of our ASTECH factory, a polymer of modified bitumen.

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In our 12 quarries, the main focus is set upon aggregate mining and crushing. Our company also supplies material for many concrete-batching plants, precast-concrete plants, hot asphalt mixing plants and also for several railway constructions and waterworks.

We are also operating 5 mixing centres that produce wet-mix macadam. All of our quarries have means for arrangements to transport the material directly to the construction sites. Some of them are even able to load the products and materials onto railway freight wagons.

Hot asphalt mixing plants

The annual production of our modern and efficient hot asphalt mixing plants (HAMPs) reaches about 700 000 tons of hot asphalt mixes. Besides the traditional mixes, we also offer mixes which were developed in the French branch of our company, COLAS SA. All of our facilities are modernised and upgraded regularly in order to make the production more efficient and sustainable for the environment.


A production plant in Holubice near Brno uses a state-of-the-art technology of the polymer-modified bitumen. This facility is a dealbreaker in the process of increasing the overall quality of our manufactured products as well as ensuring that our supplies maintain their high reliability.

Guidance marking systems production

We are producers of the safety, signalling and tactile strips, MEDIALINE, which are used to mark areas on road constructions for the safe orientation of the blind and visually impaired individuals. Their stark contrast and certifications, e.g. from the United Organization of the Blind and Visually Impaired (Sjednocená organizace nevidomých a slabozrakých) or the ITC Zlín (Institute for Testing and Certification), make them one of the best on the market.



Our another matter of interest is operating in and independent test laboratory with expertise in the field of road construction. Our focus in set upon testing asphalt mixes and binders, soils, aggregates and both fresh and hardened concrete.

Moreover, we perform inspection testing of individual road constructions including its subgrade and measuring the surface properties of concrete or asphalt roads and pavements.



The whole Colas Group is constantly working on moving forward in the whole field of the civil engineering. We try to keep up with the latest innovations, such as BIM, SOLAR ROAD or FLOWEL.

In addition, we are trying to maximise the potential of digitalisation as well as preservation of the environment in order to increase the sustainablility.

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