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COLAS CZ, a.s. manufacures signalling and tactile strips MEDIALINE. These strips are intended for marking road constructions as to ease the orientation of the blind and visually impaired and keep them safe. All the strips are in complance with the Czech standards (i.e. executive decree 398/2009 Sb.).

Catalogue (CS) CE Certification (CS) Test Protocol (CS) Compliance verification protokol


During the production process, we use two major base materials: an elastomer for the basic strip and a two-component cold spray plastic for the beads. In comparison with other commonly used materials for these kinds of strips, ours is strikingly white and, therefore, contrasts a lot with basically any possible road surface. This makes our strips an enormous aid for the blind and visually impaired individuals. 

Another advantage of our strips is their rather non-invasive installation, so there is much less noise, excess material and dust present during the construction and installation process. In addition, MEDIALINE strips are able to be walked on about 30 minutes after the installation. Two workers are able to lay about 60 m2 of these strips during their shift, which is equal to approximately 160 individual pieces. 

MEDIALINE strips come in packages in two possible sizes: 600 x 400 mm and 908 x 420 mm. There are 10 pieces in one package and the installation requires the use of a particular two-component glue on the base of methacrylate resin.

Recently, we have started to produce the strips in other colours, namely yellow, black, grey and red.



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