We are a part of the global COLAS Group, which seeks to constantly move the construction industry forward thanks to the benefits of automation, digitalisation, sustainability and environmentally friendly processes. Using new technologies, we aim to ensure that our clients can make the best and most efficient use of construction projects.



The world of construction business has been experiencing a digitalisation boom for several years now and COLAS CZ, a.s. cannot afford to just watch from the sidelines. We have been gradually implementing the BIM (Building Information Modelling) technology, which represents a real revolution in the construction industry. It brings time savings, better visualization and management in all project phases. Thanks to BIM, it is possible to simulate, predict and plan the works better. With the project design being available in a cloud storage, digital modelling allows convenient access and control for all project stakeholders.

We regularly upgrade both hardware and software required for 3D modelling, use our own professional drone, and employ specialists in digital modelling. We take full advantage of BIM technology on some of our construction sites and operations, for example for the construction project of D48 Motorway.




In 2017, our parent company developed FLOWEL, a dynamic luminous signalling solution, which is set to revolutionize road marking. With the help of LED panels bonded to the pavement, it increases traffic safety for cars, cyclists as well as pedestrians. In addition, the FLOWEL system enables continuous change of the road marking - for example, to create short-term K+R parking spaces in lanes near schools.




The SOLAR ROAD is a great project that aims to achieve local energetic
self-sufficiency thanks to Wattway's trafficable photovoltaic panels. Bonded to the pavement surface, these panels can power the dynamic signalling system, but also streetlamps or electric car batteries via inductive charging.


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