The scope of activities of COLAS CZ, a.s. focuses in particular on standard road engineering - construction, rehabilitation, repairs and other tasks necessary while working on roads and bridges.  We also construct and refurbish utility networks (e.g. waterworks) and railway infrastructure.

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Profit Centres

The Road Construction department of COLAS CZ, a.s. operates in four geographically determined areas across the entire Czech Republic, which are called Profit Centres: North, South, West and East. Each consists of several geographic regions of the country. The Headquarters office in Prague is also home to two other major Profit Centres, which operate throughout the Czech Republic: Major Projects and Bridges & Concrete Structures

Ongoing Projects

At the moment, we are working on many interesting projects. A small part of them is featured here, the rest may be found in the individual section.


Road Construction

The biggest part of our activities is concerned with the whole process of road engineering, particularly construction, repairs and reconstruction.

Our scope of activities includes (but is not limited to) engineering motorways, roads, urban and suburban roads, paved areas, such as car parks or pavements, cycling paths, sports grounds, etc. During the process, we are also often adjusting utility systems (e.g. waterworks) as well as cultivating surrounding greenery, flora and terrain, when necessary. We try to use as much of our products as possible, i.e. hot asphalt mixes or quarried aggregates.


Bridges & Concrete Structures

Our main field of work in this part of civil engineering deals primarily with construction, repairs and reconstruction of both road and railway bridge structures. As for bridges, we specialise on those that have a medium span up to 100 m. As for the material, there are many options we are able to build from scratch: RC bridges, prestressed concrete bridges, precast concrete bridges and steel-concrete composite bridges as well as steel and wooden bridges.

Besides structures intended for vehicles, we are constructing steel and wooden bridges for pedestrians and cyclists, footbridges, retaining walls, noise barriers, utility tunnels and structures made of waterproof concrete. We also offer refurbishment and modernisation works on existing bridge structures.


Railway & Tramway Construction

COLAS CZ, a.s. also performs railway and tramway projects, including working on both the railway track substructure and superstructure and related structures such as bridges, culverts or platforms. In co-operation with our partners, we are able to deliver traction mains or signalling and communication equipment for both railway and tramway lines.


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