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Have we met at a Breakfast with COLAS, at a conference, have you seen a job advert or are you interested in joining our company? Be sure to let us know about yourself. 

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Available Positions

Our company fully supports diversity and inclusion. We are open to people of diverse backgrounds who do not have to hide their identity.


Positions for Workers

We recruit in all regions of the Czech Republic. Do not hesitate to contact us, even if you have not chosen any available vacant position from our offer.


Professional & Administrative positions

We welcome both graduates and experienced professionals from all over the world.


Dominika Michlíková

HR specialist - recruitment

+420 778 973 998


Working Internationally

COLAS CZ, a.s. is a part of an international giant COLAS Group, set up many years ago in France. Thanks to this we are able to offer vacant positions abroad. There are various currently available job offers to be found on the international portal.

International Job Offers

Employment Journeys

What is working for us like? You may find out how our co-operation may go from three of our employees, whom each undertook a different journey.


Nikolas Kořínek

It was back at the Secondary Technical and Craftmanship School in Nový Bydžov, where Nikolas Kořínek started studying to become a Road and Construction Machinery Operator, a course of study sponsored by COLAS CZ, a.s. Thanks to gaining experience in the workshops and on COLAS construction sites, where he had the support of experienced professionals, joining our company was an obvious choice for him. He started out on small construction projects, later worked his way up to a Roller Operator and together with his colleagues, he worked even on the prestigious construction project of BMW proving grounds near Sokolov. 


Ing. Zuzana Ferstová

Zuzana Ferstová joined COLAS ten years ago. At first, she had a part-time job working as administrative support, later on she prepared cost estimates for bids. The summer she spent working on a construction site made it clear to her that applying to the Faculty of Civil Engineering at the Czech Technical University had been the right decision. And she has not returned to the office. Since 2019, Zuzana has been working as Site Manager, currently on the project of D3 Motorway, section Úsilné - Hodějovice. In June 2022, while working on the construction site, she successfully graduated from the Faculty of Civil Engineering with a master’s degree (Ing.).


Jakub Vodňanský

Jakub Vodňanský has been working at COLAS since 2013. He currently works as Head Site Manager and specializes in bridge construction. He spent his entire life in a place located 15 km from the Žďákov Bridge, a structure which he had admired already as a young boy. And when an opportunity presented itself to be right there working on the bridge refurbishment project, he immediately jumped at it. Working for COLAS, he was able to fulfill his childhood dream - as Head Site Manager, he was in charge of the refurbishment works on this unique piece of architecture.

Why should you be part of the COLAS team?

We monitor trends in employee benefits because we want to be competitive and attractive to potential candidates. We also regularly carry out a satisfaction survey to get valuable feedback from our employees.


5 extra days of paid leave


Cash allowance for meals
& travel allowance


Annual Benefits


Contribution to life & pension insurance premiums


MultiSport card


Cafeteria system


Contribution to liability insurance


Convenient life insurance

Benefits for blood donors


Benefits for years of service

Reward for employee referral

Education - language courses and other courses paid in full


Personal Development & Career

COLAS sees personal development of employees as a way to improve work performance and provides tools to help achieve this as a part of the work performance appraisal process. Employees are given a regular feedback, for example at the end of their trial period, at their annual appraisal (professional review) or, of course, on an ongoing basis by agreement with their line manager. 

The future of COLAS depends on our people, which is why we always rely on managerial excellence to attract, develop and retain talents, enabling employees to reach their full potential throughout their professional careers.


Leisure & Recreation

At COLAS, we support leisure activities of all our employees, both in the form of benefits and by increasing the paid leave to 5 weeks or by organizing various events.

Whether you have joined us because of an attractive job offer or for other reasons, we believe you will stay with us for your entire professional career.


Training & Development

We are aware of the fact that what makes a company great is the people. Investing in the development of our employees is why we are growing as a company and why we believe in a successful future. We focus on nurturing talents and helping people reach their full potential in professional careers.


Induction Training for New Employees

Having joined our company, all new employees must be trained not only on the legally required topics. Thanks to our e-learning portal, employees can complete the training at their convenience during their first working days. New hires are also invited to the "Welcome to Colas" induction training, where our HR Training Specialist will guide them through the company's history, basic principles, company structure, benefits, and introduce them to our HR portal, while emphasizing statutory requirements of the Labour Code. Throughout the onboarding, new employees are assisted by our HR Specialist, who helps them integrate into the organization.


IT & Language Courses

ICT is an essential part of today's digital age, which is why we regularly include IT courses in our selection of training sessions. Employees are trained by external specialists as well as experienced inhouse staff from our IT Department. 

Also, COLAS has established a long-term cooperation with language schools, which organize language lessons for our employees (mainly English, French and German) in group or one-on-one courses at regular weekly intervals. All the employees have the opportunity to improve their language skills to be able to communicate better with colleagues and clients from abroad. Moreover, we provide all our employees the access to an online language platform offering grammar exercises, videos, articles on various topics and online interactive lessons in 9 world languages.


Other Professional Training

Whether you're a Site Manager or an Accountant, there are plenty of training opportunities available in your field. We organise regular inhouse training sessions with our experienced colleagues, who share valuable information and experience from their field. You can also choose from a wide range of external training courses. There are many opportunities to apply for training - our HR Specialist will be happy to discuss your options with you.


For Students & Graduates

Get some work experience while still studying!

Linking the theory to practice is the basis for success. That is why co-operation with schools makes great sense to us. We want to offer students a glimpse under the hood of a large company and show them some real work in the field. This way, students will be able to get a better idea of their future careers.


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