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General contractor of transport constructions in the Czech Republic

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COLAS CZ, a.s. entered the Czech road engineering market in 1994. It was established by the merger of three traditional companies - Silnice Jihlava, Silnice Znojmo and Silniční stavitelství Praha.
Our company gradually grew within the Czech Republic and integrated other construction companies. In 2008, we acquired ASTECH, a facility specialising in modified asphalts, and we have also held a majority stake in Silnice Horšovský Týn, s.r.o. company since 2014. In 2020, we have acquired originally family-owned company Silnice Žáček s.r.o., another strong regional player.

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COLAS in Numbers

We are a stable and credible company with a long history



12 quarries
1 guidance marking
system factory
12 hot asphalt mixing plants
+ 1 polymer-of-modified-asphalt factory
14 laboratories

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Global COLAS

COLAS CZ, a.s. can rely on a strong international background. Its sole shareholder is the French company COLAS SA, which recently celebrated its 90th anniversary. The majority owner of our parent company is the Bouygues family holding. It is not only active in the energy sector, media (for instance it owns the French TV channel TF 1) and telecommunication areas, but also primarily in construction. It has built, for example, the Channel Tunnel, Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris and the Stade de France national football stadium. The COLAS Group, which is under the Bouygues umbrella, is a large construction family. The yellow and black “COLAS” colours can be found in more than fifty countries across five continents. COLAS employs 57 000 people worldwide who worked on more than 60 000 constructions last year. The entire Group has achieved a turnover of almost €14 billion (380 billion CZK) last year. Both the COLAS Group and Bouygues Holding are joint stock companies, traded on the Euronext Paris stock exchange. The shares belong among the “blue chips”, i.e. they are reliable and proven.


Overview of Activities

  • Complete construction, reconstruction and repairs of roads - motorways, roads, urban roads, cycle paths, rural roads, paved areas (parking lots, parking spaces, etc.)
  • Implementation of noise-reduction measures
  • Construction, reconstruction and maintenance of railways and tramways
  • Construction and reconstruction of bridge structures in the field of road and railway engineering 
  • Stone extraction and production of crushed aggregates
  • Production and implementation of asphalt mixtures
  • Production of hot asphalt mixtures and modified asphalt bonding materials
  • Sale of cationic emulsions
  • Production of MEDIALINE orientation strips
  • Transportation and mechanisation
  • Independent laboratory testing and in-house research 

Our Projects


Our Products


Establishment of COLAS was motivated by a desire to face a new challenge: how to exploit a patent for a revolutionary innovative technology in the form of the so-called "Cold Asphalt emulsion".

We still rely on this innovative approach when designing and implementing transport infrastructure and mobility solutions that respond to the challenges of the contemporary world.



Interconnect various communities and promote exchange between them in the present and future world. 

As a modern construction company, we strive to do business both in an environmentally-friendly and people-friendly way as well. Social responsibility is not only a duty, but rather a commitment. We want to take into account the expectations and contradictions of contemporary society, including social cohesion, climate change, biodiversity loss, resource conservation, transport and housing needs, improving living conditions, energy transformation, resource management and growing ethical expectations.




We want to be the world leader in innovative solutions for sustainable mobility. In addition to using the latest technology, this includes emphasising environmentally-friendly solutions, energy savings and a continued commitment to reduce our carbon footprint. We are fully committed to the COLAS Group’s initiative to reduce direct and indirect greenhouse gas emissions by 30 % in line with the Paris Agreement.



Devotion: We care about our employees, customers and partners, but we also care about the environment. Ethical and responsible behaviour is our top priority.

Sharing: We believe that the diversity of age, nationality, gender and ideas, together with teamwork, is a source of new impulses. Common and shared know-how enriches us all.

Courage: Discovering new paths, innovations, ideas, improvements. All this has always pushed COLAS forward. Our corporate culture is built on such courage to change.


Board of Directors & Supervisory Board


Ing. Tomáš Krones

The Chairman of Board of Directors

Arnaud Martin

A Member of Board of Directors



Supervisory Board

Thierry Le Roch'

Frédéric Molitor

Lucie Coufalová


Company History

We have been operating in the Czech road engineering market since 1994. Colas CZ, a.s. was established by the merger of three traditional companies: Silnice Jihlava, Silnice Znojmo and Silniční stavitelství Praha. We gradually grew within the Czech Republic and integrated other construction companies. We acquired ASTECH in 2008, a specialist in modified asphalt. Colas CZ, a.s. also acquired the family-owned company Silnice Žáček, s.r.o., a strong regional player, and Silnice Horšovský Týn, s.r.o.


We can rely on a strong international background and know-how. We are a part of the French company COLAS Group, a global leader in road engineering, operating in fifty countries across five continents and employing 57 000 people.


Watch the video that will take you through the history of our company and will present the key projects we have been involved in.


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