Hot asphalt mixing plants

COLAS CZ, a.s. operates 12 modern and efficient hot asphalt mixing plants for the production of asphalt mixes in the Czech Republic. Our dense network of plants allows us to supply construction sites all over the Czech Republic. 

Currently, our mixing plants produce about 700 000 tons of asphalt mixes per year in total.


In addition to the traditional mixes (ACO, ACL, ACP, BBTM, SMA, PA and AKO), we also offer mixes produced in compliance with technological instructions of the Ministry of Transport of the Czech Republic and mixes developed in the laboratory of the COLAS Group in France.

We are able to produce any mixes to satisfy our clients’ requirements and needs.



an asphalt mix with increased resistance to crack propagation

A specially designed mix for thin asphalt pavement or microsurfacing, which, at low temperatures, has the ductility of the asphalt layer several times higher than those, which are made of standard mixes or materials and thereby is reducing the propagation of cracks if the underlying layer moves. (source: TP 147)


a high modulus asphalt mix

By using this hot mixed asphalt with a high modulus of rigidity, relatively high content of harder asphalts (or other hardening additives), low air voids content for base courses and adjusted air voids content for binder courses, it allows to minimize the occurrence of excessive permanent deformations in the form of ruts and other similar defects, to achieve high resistance of asphalt layers against wear and water, thereby their high durability is ensured, and also the thickness of the road pavement is reduced in comparison with common standard pavement types. Moreover, an increase of the operational efficiency of the road pavement is typical for this kind of hot mixed asphalt. (source: TP 151)


a noise-reducing asphalt mix

An asphalt mix with a grain size of an eight of a milimetre designed for wearing courses in areas where it is necessary to reduce the noise level generated by the tyres of passing vehicles. The mix is also very resistant to the effects of traffic load, has excellent anti-skid properties and resistance to permanent deformation (however, it is mostly used as a thin-layer pavement).


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