ASTECH (modified bitumen production plant)

COLAS Group has a decades-long tradition of producing polymer-modified bitumen (PmB). The original aim was to launch its own production of polymer modified bitumen using the trade name Colflex®

In 2016, we have opened a new ASTECH production plant in Holubice near Brno, Czech Republic. This facility uses a state-of-the-art technology in the field of polymer-modified bitumen, which allows us to increase the quality of manufactured products and ensure high reliability of our supply chain.


The production process uses proven base bitumen from regional refineries, polymers only from renowned manufacturers, various other suitable additives and proprietary technology supplied by Colas SA for the modification itself. 

The advantage of the used technology is its very high flexibility in the production of Colflex® and other products. The quality of input materials and products is controlled by an accredited laboratory, which is located at the plant and specialised solely in the testing of non-modified and modified bitumen.



Colfex® is produced for a wide range of uses in various quality classes, which are in compliance with technical standard EN 14023 and carry the CE marking.

Our product range:

  • Colflex® 10/40-65
  • Colflex® 25/55-55
  • Colflex® 25/55-60
  • Colflex® 25/55-65
  • Colflex® 25/55-RC
  • Colflex® 45/80-55
  • Colflex® 45/80-60
  • Colflex® 45/80-65
  • Colflex® 45/80-75
  • Colflex® 45/80-RC
  • Colflex® 40/100-65


At client’s request, ASTECH plant can also produce PmB for mastic asphalts, low temperature PmB, highly modified SBS concentrate and other products.

Other non-standard asphalt materials can be produced by a filling line for production, filling and packaging of special products (highly modified soft asphalt).

In addition to our basic Colflex® range, we are able to manufacture other products or adjust PmB parameters to meet our clients’ specific requirements. 

We remain at your disposal for any further information.




683 51 Holubice

Operations ManagerFilip Čechovič+420 724 618 771
Sales ManagerIng. Michal Bednář+420 724 618 725


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