Ongoing Projects

You may find all the projects we are currently working on below.

Zvikovsky bridge

Rekonstrukce Zvíkovského mostu překlenujícího údolí Vltavy nedaleko Zvíkovského Podhradí


D3 - Úsilné-Hodějovice

The motorway construction of a section of the D3 motorway is 7,197 m long and has been designed in a flat terrain near České Budějovice and its agglomeration.


I/35 Lešná - Palačov

The bridge over D11 Motorway carries the local road Horní Počernice - Běchovice.


D48 - Bělotín - Rybí

COLAS is building another section of D48. The four-lane road, which is currently not compliant with the standard categories, will become a fully-fledged and safe motorway that will connect the D1 with Poland once fully completed.


Nove Oslavany project

Colas in charge of earthworks, water management works, lighting, roads and paved areas on Nové Oslavany project.


Future mobility development centre for autonomous vehicles BMW

A few kilometres from Sokolov, a late mining town in the north-west of the Czech Republic, one of the biggest and most up-to-date development centres in Europe is being build by COLAS CZ, a.s. and COLAS Project. This centre, which is projected as a polygon, is planned to be a testing site for autonomal vehicles manufactured by a german automobile giant BMW. The whole project caused quite a ruckus in the area.


D3 - Bridge Concreting Over Hodějovický Stream

The České Budějovice bypass is one of the most observed and the most anticipated motorway constructions in the Czech Republic. Rightly so - the two new, simultaneously built sections of the D3 motorway will significantly relieve the chronically congested South Bohemian metropolis.


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