Digitalisation of the D48 Bělotín-Rybí Construction using BIM Technology

15th September 2022

For COLAS, the D48 motorway project is another important reference in the field of motorway construction. The amount of work required also puts it among the largest projects in the company's history.

However, this contract is also crucial for another reason: it is one of the pilot constructions where our company will test the Building Information Modelling (BIM) technology, a digital modelling method that opens the way to better labour efficiency and cost savings. Thanks to a completely digital "twin", which is stored in the form of data on a remote server, all participants in the construction achieve a better overview of and control over the work performance.

BIM technology enables a 3D visualisation and it is not a static, rather a dynamic model that is continuously being updated. The cloud-based solution also includes all data about communication between construction participants such as electronic construction diary, construction schedule, settlement of discrepancies, approval processes, inspections, revisions, etc.


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