D1 - Motorway Reconstruction (199.3th - 204.6th km, Right Lane)

1st November 2016

Reconstructions of the motorway were made as an association of companies "Sdružení D1-199 STRABAG+COLAS". There were two associates - COLAS CZ, a.s. and STRABAG a.s. (both by 50 %). The leading associate was STRABAG a.s.

As a part of the construction, sections of the roadway with the original cement-concrete cover were demolished and replaced with asphalt layers. Then there were a replacement of abrasive and base course in roadway sections with asphalt-concrete cover; repairs of expansion joints and appurtenances on bridges; modifications to central dividing strip crossings; drainage repairs; shoulder reinforcement; restoration of safety features; modifications to SOS signs, horizontal and vertical traffic markings.

In comparison with a construction of the same section in 2015, this project includes work in the central dividing strip, including replacement of cable runs and guards, drainage systems and gates, and replacement of gantries (5 pieces).


Construction period07/2016 - 11/2016
Value of contract165.4 mil. CZK
Sdružení D1-199 STRABAG+COLAS - STRABAG a.s.
and COLAS CZ, a.s.

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