D48 - Bělotín-Rybí - Cement-Concrete Subside

18th April 2023

During the controls of the construction of motorway D48 (section Bělotín-Rybí), it was discovered that a part of the cement-concrete subside of the road appears to be less resistant to water and chemical defrosting substances (i.e. salting the roads in winter).

It is due to the attributes of concrete mix, which, however, does not seem to be lacking in any other aspects (e.g. strength).

Endurance tests are performed after 28 days of treatment of cement and the results are known about 45 days after laying.

Concerning all these facts and results, we have contacted the client (ŘSD) and decided to immediately, without any unnecessary delays, replace the unsuitable parts with brand new ones at our expenses.

At the moment, we are removing the teared concrete in order to the follow-up works be able to begin and, moreover, to examine and find out why there were inconvenient results in the first place. From what we know so far, it indicates that the liability was not a machine failure during the laying, so we have begun a reclamation process with the particular sub-supplier.

The overall schedule is not affected by this inconvenience.


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