Open Day in Čenkov Quarry & HAMP

8th October 2022

Due to the safety reasons, all our quarries and HAMPs are generally closed to the public. Nevertheless, COLAS CZ, a.s. wishes to show that even such facilities can be an interesting place for visiting, which is why Open Days are occasionally organised in both plants and quarries, the last of which took place on Saturday, 8th October 2022, in our Čenkov Quarry and HAMP located in Central Bohemia.

Almost two hundred people showed up, mainly from the nearby town of Odolena Voda, to see the premises of both our facilities in organised tours with our local expert guides in the lead – Quarry Manager Stanislav Klabus and HAMP Manager Zdeněk Falc. They explained to the visitors what the stone quarried in Čenkov is used for or how asphalt mixes are made and heated. "Many parents came with their children, who, of course, were interested in our equipment: excavators, loaders and trucks. But the visitors also asked, for example, how the blasting works are carried out," Stanislav Kalabus said.

Another one of the biggest attractions of the Open Day were also the bees that we keep in Čenkov as a part of the biodiversity program of our company. The visitors have learned about the bee life in the quarry from David Zítek, a beekeeper from the "Pražská včela" company, who shared with them how he cares about and tends to our beehives in Čenkov. 

A big thank you goes to everyone organising and participating in the Open Day, which ended up to be a great success.


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