Bridge in Davle over the Vltava River

The bridge in Davle is situated at the confluence of the Vltava and Sázava rivers.

The bridge leads the II/104 road via II/102, the local roads (Jílovská Street to be specific) twice, the Vltava River and a railway line connecting the village of Jílové located near Prague and also the town of Davle. The supporting structure of the bridge is made up of a continuous beam of five fields, the first four of which are made of a chamber beam and the last (the fifth one) is designed as a two-ramp structure. Based on an extraordinary inspection in 2014, the under construction of the bridge was rated grade IV and the supporting frame grade VI (i.e. very poor). The aim of the reconstruction therefore was to improve the technical condition by constructing new supports, a replacement of bridge seals and bearings as well as an execution of a new joining plate, followed by a replacement of the entire upper part of the bridge and accessories, a rehabilitation of the supporting structure and a modification of the internal parts of the chamber beam.

The extent of the work of the tender documents was, as mentioned above, determined on the basis of an extraordinary inspection and a diagnosis of only one support, so implementation of a number of additional diagnostics was requested. They revealed a strong occurrence of alkaline-silica reaction in all concrete structures and very low resistance of concrete to chemichal de-icing agents and watertightness. For this reason, the abutments had to be replaced almost completely (including a replacement of several non-functional bearings) and the remediation had to be solved as waterproof and vapor-permeable to prevent the ingress of moisture into the structure.


Construction period2017/09 - 2018/10
Value of contract66.151 mil. CZK
ContractorSdružení FIRESTA Fišer, a.s. & COLAS CZ, a.s.



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