Patton Bridge in Plzeň

On May 2nd, 1973, a new bridge (nowadays called Patton Bridge after the late general Patton), which was built over the river Mže, was put into operation. The bridge has relieved the traffic by deflecting it from the square into the direction of Karlovy Vary and Žatec.

From the Main Post Office towards the Pod Záhorskem street, in the outskirts of area Lochotín, there were laid new tramway rails in the middle of the pavement resulting in a new cloverleaf. This established the foundation for the development of the tramway network in the newly projected housing estate in the Severní předměstí (the Northern Suburbs) administrative part.

The main aim of the whole project was to finalise the reconstructions of bridges including the full replacement of equipment, rehabilitation of structure and load-bearing structure. In addition, a completely new cache composite board had been made and a new tram track was laid on the bridge. In comparison with the current state, the roadway will be extended by one lane in the direction of the centre of Lochotín. Reconstruction of pavements on the bridge and beachhead as well as restoration of stairs near abutments are also part of the project. It also involves relocation of any cables necessary for transport, overhead power lines and pipelines, including a new paired public lighting system.


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