D5 - Cement-Concrete Road Reconstruction

4th July 2022

The construction dealt with the repair of the surface of the D5 motorway in the section between 144.57th and 150.85th kilometre by its full replacement. The construction also included the replacement of drainage gutters; addition, extension and replacement of guardrails; repair of sewers; restoration of fencing; repair of culvert heads and repair of the ledges of the D5-157 bridge.

The motorway border crossing Rozvadov in the Tachov District used to be the largest in Central Europe. It was running until 2007, when the Czech Republic joined the Schengen Agreement and the border with its neighbours effectively disappeared. The place has since changed beyond recognition - the roofing and control booths have disappeared, the former parking lot for trucks and customs is now a motorway rest area and the road, which was once divided by a stop sign, now allows smooth driving at a motorway standard - i.e. at speeds of up to 130 km/h (according to Czech laws). Rozvadov is not only the beginning of the D5 motorway, but also a sort of a showcase of the Czech motorway network. For those travelling by car from Bavaria, the section near Rozvadov is the first one they pass in the Czech territory. Conversely, the last kilometres of the D5 in the Czech Republic are around Rozvadov. It is this section between kilometres 144.57 and 150.85 in the direction of Germany, all the way up to the state border level, which has undergone a major transformation this year. The carriageway was at the end of its service life and after some local repairs, it showed a number of defects.


Construction period2021/05 - 2021/09
Value of contract271 mil. CZK
ContractorCOLAS CZ, a.s. and HOCHTIEF CZ, a.s.
Section of D5 motorway144.57th - 150.85th km

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