Safe and comfortable travel. Colas CZ completes rehabilitation of road and tram track in Pilsen

Complete road and tram closures often make it difficult for people to move around the city, which is why it is always good to make the most of them. Colas CZ did just that on the Terezie Brzkové Street project in Pilsen. In the space of five months, Colas CZ managed to carry out rehabilitation works on the tram track and tram stop as well as on the road.

Contracted by the City of Pilsen, Colas CZ performed the required scope of works in Skvrňany in Pilsen, between Vejprnická and Macháčkova Streets, i.e. on a section of approximately 300 metres. The rehabilitation consisted in the replacement of the substructure and superstructure on the tram track, the construction of a new drainage system, the performance of related works on the water-supply system and sewage system, street lighting and telecommunication cables, and the refurbishment of the adjacent road including parking spaces, road marking and traffic signs.

The new tram track will provide a safer and more comfortable ride. "We replaced the original concrete panels with a slab track with anti-vibration treatment and renovated all the catenary on the track section. The Karla Steinera tram stop also underwent a major transformation, with the straightening of the tram track. In addition, the platforms were given a new look, including new street furniture," says Daniel Šilar, Head of the Railway Construction Department, on behalf of Colas CZ.

As a matter of fact, the street section was renovated as a whole - works were carried out on driving and parking lanes, adjacent sidewalks and cycle lanes, the unified sewage system and a branch of the water supply system were rehabilitated, and the street lighting was renewed. Now it illuminates selected pedestrian crossings, which were also modified to smoothly connect to the tram stop. Finally, the width of the sidewalks, road and tram track was also adjusted as part of the project. In total, Colas CZ laid 574 metres of new track in both directions, and the works were carried out on an area of 7,140 m2, which equals to the area of the Štruncovy sady football stadium in Pilsen.

The aim of this extensive renovation of a section of Terezie Brzkové Street was to create a sustainable urban mobility solution for the Skvrňany district of Pilsen. Once completed, the rehabilitation of the road and tram track has improved safety for pedestrians and cyclists and made the traffic flow for trams and cars smoother.



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